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Using INSERT ALL with related tables

In this article I will demonstrate a method where the INSERTALL statement can be used to insert rows into two tables that are related by a foreign key constraint. The following example was developed and tested using the Pre-Built Oracle Database App Development VM which at the time of this post […]

PL/SQL FizzBuzz

One of the popular exercises when learning a new language is to develop a FizzBuzz program. This is where you print out the all the numbers from 1 to 100 except if a number is a multiple of 3 you print out Fizz and if the number is a multiple […]

Found a problem with the Oracle Documentation? Report it!

I was recently working through Chapter 9 of the 12c Database 2 Day Developer’s Guide and found the following bug in the sample code. Here is the original code: FUNCTION add_department ( p_department_name IN departments.department_name%TYPE, p_manager_id IN departments.manager_id%TYPE ) RETURN departments.department_id%TYPE IS l_department_id departments.department_id%TYPE; BEGIN INSERT INTO departments ( department_id, department_name, […]