It was early on a cold, dark, wet morning and I was not looking forward to the commute. I wasn’t sure what made this one challenging. Was it the first one after a three week break? Perhaps it me forgetting albeit temporarily the average journey time of 90 minutes. The truth was probably a combination of these and other factors.

Fortunately the first podcast I listed to was:

and as I tweeted later that day

Hanselminutes is one of my favourite podcasts. It is hosted by Scott Hanselman and each week Scott sits down with a guest to discuss a topic that is of interest to developers regardless of experience or language preference.

The show starts with no throat clearing and with the guest introductions complete, Scott dives straight in and the show gets underway. The shows are conversational in style with Scott and his guests discussing this weeks topic and sharing stories. Scott gets the best out his guests by asking the right questions, listening without interrupting, clarifying opaque terms and deciphering acronyms. The wide range of topics discussed, with the current weeks topic different from the previous weeks is part of the shows secret sauce.

The result of listening to Hanselminutes is that I have become a better developer. Thanks to Scott and his guests generosity I have become more informed in areas of software development that I hadn’t thought about. Listening has also increased my desire to level up as well as experimenting with the “thing” that was discussed on that weeks show.

Thank you Scott. One day I hope to be a guest. One day…

To close out, here are some of my picks from the Hanselminutes 2018 back catalogue:

Gaming for all with the Xbox Accessibility Controller and John Alexander

How GDPR is affecting the American Legal System with Gary Nissenbaum

Forge Your Future with Open Source and VM Brasseur

Mr. Robot Disassembled with Ryan Kazanciyan

Functional Programming, F#, and Cloud Containers with Lena Hall

Some recent podcast episodes

I have listened to these episodes multiple times now and have been able to extract more value and extra insights from them on every playback.

I hope you find them enjoyable as much as I have.

Akimbo: No such thing (as writers block)

Seth Godin’s podcast is superb, this episode on writers block is my favourite.  In it he argues convincingly that there is no such thing.

Developer on Fire: Episode 196 Rob Conery

Not sure how I found Dave Raels podcast, Developer on Fire but I am glad I did. In each episode Dave interviews famous and not so famous programmers. I have enjoyed rummaging through the archive listening to interviews with Gerald Weinberg, Ward Cunningham, Dave Thomas, the list goes on.

My favourite episode features Rob Conery. In this episode they talk about Rob’s book; The Imposters Handbook (a superb book!)  but it is the discussions on the Perception of danger and Getting over yourself that really make this episode special for me.

The Hello World Podcast: Episode 12 Scott Hanselman

As well as hosting one of my favourite podcast, Hanselminutes Scott is a fantastic guest. In this episode, Scott  talks about retaining some perspective even when your project is being chased by ninjas and the common trait his mentors share.