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An introduction to Application Context

The inspiration for this article came from reading Mark Hoxey excellent post on avoiding ORA-04068: existing state of packages has been discarded One of the potential solutions to this problem suggested by Mark is to use Application Context. I didn’t know too much about Application Context so this post is my way […]

Oracle PL/SQL Compiler warning PLW-06009

The PL/SQL Compiler warning “PLW-06009: procedure “string” OTHERS handler does not end in RAISE or RAISE_APPLICATION_ERROR”  was introduced with 11g release 1. It’s purpose is to alert you to the fact that you have a WHEN OTHERS exception handler and the last statement within it doesn’t contain a RAISE or a […]

Instrumenting your PL/SQL code

Introduction As an exceptional Oracle Developer you already know the value of instrumenting your code. You have read enough of Tom Kyte, Cary Millsap & Steve McConnell to understand that with the correct instrumentation diagnosing problems especially time critical problems (are there any others?) becomes much easier. So the question is not […]