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C# FizzBuzz

Here is my C# and .NET Core FizzBuzz program. Prerequisites The versions of the following items that I used are displayed in brackets. Install Visual Studio Code. (1.34) Install the .NET Core SDK. (2.2.300) Install the C# extension for Visual Studio Code (1.19.1) FizzBuzz Start Visual Studio Code, open the Integrated Terminal (CTRL + […]

Reload! Reload! Reload!

The Reload button in Chrome has three options. If you open the Chrome DevTools (F12) the three options are visible by holding down the “Reload this page” button. Normal Reload Windows keyboard shortcut: F5 or CTRL + R Reloads the current page. Hard Reload Windows keyboard shortcut: CTRL + Shift […]

NDC London 2019

Overview NDC London 2019 managed the impossible by being even better than last year. How is that possible? Everything just seemed more ++. The facilities, the choice of food, snacks and beverages, the swag socks. Sure sometimes the lines for food were long during the traditional lunch hours and the […]