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Angular CRUD 3: Create

This post continues on from Angular CRUD 1: in-memory-web-api installation and configuration and its focus will be on the C in CRUD operations: Create. To stop you from getting bogged down in too much detail I focus on the parts of the changes that are critical to understanding how the create method […]

Angular CRUD 2: Read

This post continues on from Angular CRUD 1: in-memory-web-api installation and configuration with the focus on the R in CRUD operations: Read. Displaying the Villains To display the contents of the in-memory-database a new component will be created. This will use the getVillains method from the HttpClientVillainService to return a […]

Technical Books read in 2019

GitHub for Dummies by Sarah Guthals & Phil Haack Hands down the most enjoyable technical book I read this year. I understand some developers turn their noses up at the thought of reading a Dummies book. However once I saw that Phil Haack had with Sarah Guthals written a book […]