Formatting the output from dbms_xplan.display_cursor

I have in the past struggled with the myriad of formatting options available with dbms_xplan.display_cursor so I was pleased to learn about a quick and easy to remember way of formatting the results at this years UKOUG conference. First execute the SQL statement of interest including the gather_plan_statistics hint: Then run dbms_xplan.display_cursor: The key point is […]

Different methods to perform XSLT from PL/SQL

In this article I will demonstrate several different methods you can use to perform XSLT from within PL/SQL. The examples were built using Oracle Database and SQL Developer 3.2 The examples are based on this XML document…. and this XSLT document…. XMLTRANSFORM OK, so the first example is actually SQL rather than PL/SQL! XMTRANSFORM is a SQL Function […]

What are my favourite Oracle books? and why?

This post was inspired by a comment on Martin Windlake’s blog. I am an Oracle Developer who actually likes reading technical books, not only about Oracle technologies but also the wider Software Development world. (Does that put me in a minority?) As a self taught programmer I have read many Oracle books since I started working […]

Oracle File Watcher on a Windows PC

Introduction Introduced in Oracle 11g Release 2, the File Watcher enables jobs to be triggered when a file arrives in an Operating System Folder. In this article I am going to set up a new file watcher on my Windows PC. The example inserts the contents of the newly arrived file into a database table. […]