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Don’t add features, solve problems

If you have not watched Rich Hickey’s talk on Hammock Driven Development you should do so now. I’ll wait right here whilst you do. Great talk wasn’t it? Although delivered ten years ago, many of the problems Rich describes I still encounter today so in this post I will discuss […]

Angular routing with Chuck Norris

After watching and coding along to Deborah Kurata’s superb Pluralsight course on Angular Routing. I needed a place where I could practise some of the things I had learnt. So using the Chuck Norris API I built an app, which you can find on GitHub, where I have tried to […]

Learning Git with Scott Hanselman

Scott Hanselman has been releasing YouTube tutorials under a collective heading “Computer Stuff They Didn’t Teach You” and a number of these have been on Git. If you are just starting out with Git or even if you have been using Git for a while I recommend checking them out. […]